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Bottom of the Well – Visual Novel Write A Review



Bottom of the Well – Visual Novel

A visual novel where Alice steps into a different kind of wonderland. In The Bottom of the Well, you play as Alice who has just had an unsettlingly life-like dream about the end of the world. She retells her experience to her friend in a huge, branching narrative. Although a single play-through might take as little as 20 minutes, experiencing all the possible paths Alice can take through the ruins...[Read More]

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Going Down – Text Adventure

“The lobby lights have been turned down low for the evening, and the insipid muzak tinnily plays from round speakers embedded in the ceiling. It’s rather stuffy in here, and the automatic glass doors behind you lead out into the cool, almost-November air.” Thus, begins your adventure. “Every year your friend hosts a Halloween party where guests are expected to complete three dares. This is the thi...[Read More]

Going Down – Text Adventure Write A Review

Going Down – Text Adventure User Reviews

Project Hyrax: Beyond Time – Text Adventure Review



Project Hyrax: Beyond Time – Text Adventure

Today we will be reviewing the Android Interactive Fiction story Project Hyrax. The basic premise of the story is this: “A scientist has to travel back in time to search for his father, who’s lost in a prehistoric period due to a failed time experiment, and you must help him. He needs to venture deep into a primeval jungle to complete his mission. Is this just another search and rescue mission, or...[Read More]

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