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I decided to browse the other day to see if anything caught my eye, for a review, and boy, something did indeed catch my eye. I have the pleasure of reviewing a game titled: INCUBO, by Hehe Gamez

INCUBO is a side-scrolling platform game with a semi-horror theme. We present many ghosts from around the world in our game as enemy and bosses. You played as a child in his nightmare and discover the truth about his story.

Right from the start, INCUBO is a beautiful game. The art design, very much cartoon-like, works beautifully. Character animation is smooth and really in-depth for a side-scrolling adventure game. Although it was only a demo that I was able to play, there was plenty of content and challenge.

The premise of the game, as stated by the developer “is about a child trapped in his nightmare, in which his dream will be revealed about his life and reveal who he really is. Incubo has a deep storyline and has an unexpected twist.”

The puzzles start off simple enough, and gradually ramp up, giving the player a chance to “understand” what the game is asking of them. Once the challenge begins to increase, prepare to die…a lot. The beautiful thing about dying in INCUBO, however, is that it doesn’t start you from the beginning of the level like so many platform games do. It plops you right at the point of death, allowing you to try, try, and try again, as I had to do.

There are interesting game mechanics as well, such as “covering your eyes” which slowly fades the game to black, and “holding your breath.” INCUBO does a great job with the environmental ambiance, from its sound effects to lighting. I found myself instantly hooked.

While this is just a demo, I did find a few times where the game seemed a little “glitchy.” Certain areas of the game, it’s hard to pull the necessary boxes to make certain jumps, and the Hero glitched through items at times, however, it didn’t hinder the gameplay as I was able to continue after a few attempts.

Overall, INCUBO is a beautiful game, filled with great ambiance, and a pretty intriguing storyline. Unique game mechanics make INCUBO a pleasure to play, and I for one, am certainly going to be watching this title closely for the full release of the game! Check it out for yourself on

The demo is a free download, but perhaps supporting this developer by kicking a few bucks their way, which is an option, during the download process!


  • Fantastic Art
  • Spooky Atmosphere
  • Fun Puzzels


  • Only a demo
  • multiple bugs
  • possibly abandoned


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