Welcome to 8bitUndead and Season One of Runswick Outpost, an Interactive Fiction story about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world. Before beginning your adventure, take a moment to familiarize yourself with some of the basic aspects of the site.

  1. Season One: Runswick Outpost: The main aspect of this site is to participate in our Interactive-Fiction story. The decisions you make while reading will impact how the story plays out. We will release parts of the story as episodes, as a living breathing story, you will need to follow along for when the next part of the story is published. We will occasionally hold Polls, which will also impact the direction the story goes, so make sure you are participating to ensure your direction wins! We offer you the ability to accept “Desktop and mobile” notifications, which will alert you when new story posts are published but are not “required” to play along.
  2. Achievements: There are plenty of achievements to unlock during your stay at Runswick Outpost. Some will be awarded automatically, depending on which part of the story you unlock. Some achievements are a little harder to earn. You’ll notice on many story postings, there will be an input box at the end of the page. If you are paying close enough attention to the story, you can enter in the Achievement Code in this box, and click the Checkmark button to unlock. Some codes are harder than others to guess!
  3. Points, Ranks, and Leaderboards: These variables have no direct impact on the game itself, however from time to time 8bitUndead will do contests and giveaway of prizes, and we will use these variables to select winners!
  4. Points: Members of Runswick Outpost can earn points for interacting with our site. Creating an account, logging in, leaving comments, interacting in the social community, and much more can earn you points. These points will be displayed on the Leader Board page, along with the achievements you have unlocked, and again will be used to call out active members of the community, and be used as variables for entering in contests and giveaways!
  5. Virtual 5k Races: From time to time, we’ll host “Virtual 5k” races. If you’re not familiar with the concept, you can run, walk, treadmill, or bike the race… on your own schedule.  It’s not always about your time. It’s about being healthy, having fun, and feeling accomplished. All participants will receive a themed finisher’s medal and will be automatically entered into our monthly contest for the “Survivor Giveaway” prize. Portions of the proceeds will go to a charity that we have selected for that particular race, and you will be able to see the donation receipts, so you can rest easy knowing that not only are you working to keep yourself in great shape, but you’re also helping out a great cause!