“The lobby lights have been turned down low for the evening, and the insipid muzak tinnily plays from round speakers embedded in the ceiling. It’s rather stuffy in here, and the automatic glass doors behind you lead out into the cool, almost-November air.”

Thus, begins your adventure. “Every year your friend hosts a Halloween party where guests are expected to complete three dares. This is the third. ” The dare is simple enough…Journey to another world, and return if you can!

I am going to be completely honest here. I did not have high expectations for a text adventure game that basically took place inside an elevator. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Going Down does a really great job of bringing the infamous “Creepypasta” legend to life. If you’re like me, and you were not aware of the legend, the idea is to ride the elevator in a specific pattern, until you reach another dimension. The trick is to return back to your own dimension without succumbing to evil other-worldly monsters or demons.

What should feel like a claustrophobic experience, is opened up wonderfully by great storytelling, and tiny little branches of the main story, which make things fun for the reader, and give’s them a small break of elevator wandering.

I have played the game two and a half times thus far, and I am still picking up small details and nuggets of writing like the one above. The first time through I went straight to the elevator and “The Other World” and back again. The second time through, I took my time more and explored the layout of the different floors. At one point you come across a note from Reika, in which she describes the correct floors to take in order to reach the other world.

This was a fun little piece of gameplay, as I didn’t notice something kind of creepy the first time through, but got to experience it the second time. Be sure to keep an eye out for when you give this game a play.

Overall, Going Down is a fantastic little text adventure game, with great writing, and clever plot points. If you have some time, and you are looking for a quick play, definitely check this one out, it is currently playable on itch.io. Be sure to kick a couple of bucks to the author when you download it. It’s worth the price of a fancy cup of coffee!


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