As you make your way across the meadow, you hear it again, the sound of underbrush rustling. Instinctively, your hand reaches for the ax, tucked away securely within your belt strap. No matter how many times you do this, your adrenaline surges, time seems to slow to a crawl. Although it’s almost second nature by now, you have learned to never let your guard down. Silently, you grow ever closer to the sound.

With your ax gripped tightly in your left hand, you duck down, and move some of the brush away with your right hand, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Breathing a sigh of relief, you holster your weapon and squat down to examine your catch. Two of the three-wire snare traps you set earlier are triggered. As if sensing their impending fate, the rabbits with the traps begin thrashing and screeching.

Quickly, without any hesitation, you dispatch your soon to be dinner. After gutting and cleaning the rabbits, you take a few extra minutes to bury the entrails, ensuring that any curious Infected nearby, does not hone in on the scent.

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