Look, we get it. In these Post-Apocalyptic times, as much as we want to trust and help everyone, there are some lousy people out there. People who will take advantage of you, scam you, and try to break down everything you have built. We cant be manning the wall 24-7 with human resources…humans being in short supply these days, as it is.

So, after doing some research, we came across a service, one that we can install within our very own security infrastructure, that will monitor and protect our information from these types of people. They call themselves CleanTalk, funny name if you ask me, seeing as how no one talks “clean” anymore these days, but I digress.

You see, in order to become part of Runswick Outpost, you must go through a quick application process. We don’t ask for much, just your name, and a way to contact you through our electronic message carrier. People are creative when it comes to possibly infiltrating our Outpost, and doing nefarious things. CleanTalk sits quietly on our systems and monitors these applications for us.

We have installed CleanTalk just a few days ago, and already we have had close to 50 falsified registrations blocked, meaning they never even reach our Outpost Database. Access denied for these people. We have heard about other Outposts out there, who have citizens plastering nearly every wall of every bunker with Spam posters, messages, and advertisements, If these Outposts were utilizing CleanTalk these people would have never been granted access, to begin with.

CleanTalk also supports a variety of Systems:




Not to mention the dashboard they have offers in-depth information that you can drill down into and see some in-depth data:



To summarize, to all Outpost Leaders, if you are in need of a good security system, look no further than CleanTalk, for $16.00 dollars month, you can secure up to three Outposts systems. Definitely affordable, and the only solution you need!